February 23rd–25th 2024

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So many people are struggling to navigate relationships

They simply don’t have the answer. It's time to:
  • Dismantle hopelessness

  • Stop living in isolation and disappointment

  • Stop wasting your time of people that’s not for you

  • Stop wondering if you’ll ever find love

  • Turn from discouraged to completely satisfied

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Have you ever wondered…

How do I choose the right one?

What should we do before we get married?

How do I build a healthy home in a toxic culture? 

How do I restore my marriage if it’s in a crisis? 

What do I need to do to ensure that my marriage wins?

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The more answers applied the less problems

Terrance and Torsha Johnson know, first-hand, how much work it takes to build a healthy marriage. After serving and supporting families and marriages for over 25 years, this is an incredible opportunity to share The Answers to love, sex, and relationships with you.

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